Vendredi 11 mars

Chers membres, nous vous confirmons le prochain déjeuner du CPA, vendredi 11 mars de 12h30 à 14h30

Invité exceptionnel :Mark Moogalian (musicien, sculpteur, professeur d’université, héros du Thalys)

Changement de Lieu : Salons de l’hôtel des Arts et Métiers – 9 bis avenue d’Iena – 75116 Paris
Contribution au repas (60 €TTC/personne)
Merci de bien vouloir confirmer ou infirmer par retour d’email votre participation pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas encore fait.

NB : prochains invités pressentis : Elise Boghossian (vendredi 1er avril)


Time is flowing, speeding and slowing, time is growing like a vine in your mind…
– lyrics from Be Still by Secret Season

Mark Moogalian was born in Durham, North Carolina, where he spent a good part of his youth along the banks of the Eno River. When his family moved to Virginia, the James River took the Eno’s place. Moogalian started playing guitar and was singer/songwriter/guitarist for Look Like Bamboo and Javaman, two bands he founded in Richmond, Virginia, during the late eighties and early nineties. He then travelled to Europe where he busked from London to Venice, taking in the culture and writing songs. The trip to Europe was a turning point in his life. Moogalian later moved to France where he worked as a translator and English teacher for business professionals before becoming an English professor at the Sorbonne and other universities. In France he continued to write, record and perform music and often played in a small club in Paris called Le Gerpil. Moogalian lives on a houseboat on the Seine, the third river in his life, where he took up welding and started making abstract metal sculpture. He also started painting, something he had always been attracted to. Moogalian met Isabelle Risacher in 2002 and they were married in 2003. He had his first sculpture and painting show at Galérie 43 in Paris in September, 2006.

Mr. Farride, his first novel, was published in 2009. Moogalian and his wife Isabelle formed Secret Season, a musical duo, in 2009. Secret Season has released three CDs and will release their fourth CD in the spring of 2016. Photos of Moogalian’s paintings and sculptures as well as various musical tracks and an online copy of Mr. Farride are available at .

Nature is a common theme in all of Mark Moogalian’s work. The cover of Mr. Farride and the covers of the first three Secret Season CDs all feature nature scenes. Most of the materials used in Moogalian’s sculptures are things he finds in nature. He walks along the banks of the Seine when the river is low and collects pieces of scrap metal in the river bed. The metal has been impacted by nature, oxidized and coated with moss and mud. In both his sculptures and paintings, Moogalian’s work has a primitive edge. He has used paint mixed with pollen or wood and he views the creative process as a treasure hunt. It is also a dance, a creative rain dance. Paris Rain Dances, Secret Season’s second CD, features songs about various elements in the creative process.

On August 21st 2016, Moogalian was shot aboard a high-speed train in France called the Thalys. Moogalian had disarmed a terrorist who was exiting the bathroom brandishing a Kalashnikov. Moogalian feared for his wife’s safety, who was seated nearby. Another passenger had grabbed the terrorist by the waist and Moogalian , after warning his wife and fellow passengers, grabbed the terrorist’s weapon. After seizing the Kalashnikov, Moogalian ran from the shooter but was shot in the back with a 9 millimeter Luger pistol and would have died had it not been for Spencer Stone, who, having been alerted by a fellow passenger, arrived with two others who apprehended the terrorist. Immediately afterwards, Stone came to Moogalian’s side and kept his fingers on the exit wound to stop the bleeding. The bullet not only broke two ribs and pierced Moogalian’s lung, it also cut the jugular vein and Moogalian was bleeding profusely. Had it not been for Spencer Stone, Moogalian would have died.

Moogalian was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released after two weeks. Moogalian has been in physical therapy ever since and doctors have told him it could take another two years to fully recover from the nerve damage caused by the bullet. The nerve damage resulted in a loss of the use of his left hand as well as the loss of most of the strength in his left triceps. After four months of treatment Moogalian recovered much of the use of his left hand although he continues to take pain medication and continues physical therapy.

Moogalian will receive the Legion of Honor medal in 2016 and has received the Medal of Courage from the CCAF which includes all Armenian associations in France. Moogalian’s grandfather came to America from Armenia in 1908 and married an Italian from Naples. Moogalian has also been named a “Citoyen D’Honneur” in Boulogne Billancourt where he lives as well as in the town of Arras, where the Thalys train stopped after the shooting. A resolution was passed in the United States senate recognizing Moogalian’s actions on the train as well as those of Spencer Stone and two others who were with Stone. A similar resolution was also passed in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Moogalian is deeply moved by all the support and encouragement he has received from people all over the world. Hundreds of people have contacted him to express their gratitude and wish him well. Moogalian continues to paint and record music, and feels very lucky to be alive.